11 things that piss me off..

..In all honesty most things do, but I have compiled a few of my biggest pet peeves together. Hopefully you can relate, so I don’t seem like a totally intolerant asshole.


1. Middle class white boys –

This has to be my first and foremost annoyance. Obviously I don’t mean to categorise all these boys together, as I’m sure there are many lovely guys out there. I’m talking about those ones that think they are absolute top of the food chain, and the best thing since sliced bread. Luckily in the adult world I don’t experience too many of these, but back in school they were the bane of my life. The wouldn’t ever ‘bully’ anyone as such, but would make everyone feel generally shit about themselves (you know the ones I’m talking about?) And then they would sit in the sixth form common room and talk about all the girls they have apparently shagged and who gave the best blowjob, and you would sit in the corner with your iced tea laughing about their lives. Not having to see them everyday has reduced my stress levels by approximately 78%.

2. Tories – 

Honestly, everyone in politics who isn’t in Labour. I’m sure this is a personal preference and I am all for people having their own opinions, as long as they are warranted. I won’t go too much into politics because I can get pretty rowdy, especially when people talk shit about my boys – Jeremy Corbyn and Ed Miliband. But all I will say is how anyone under the age of 40, or those who in working class can vote anything but Labour is beyond me. You’re all nuts. I also won’t even start on Donald Trump/Theresa May/Nigel Farage, as I don’t feel like going on a murderous rampage today.

3. Public transport – 

Not generally – I catch the bus all time and it’s an absolute lifesaver. I’m talking about those specific few. Particularly those who stand up and strut to the front of the bus before you’ve even pulled into the bus station, or those who push in front of you to get on when it arrives at the stop. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? WE ARE GOING TO THE SAME PLACE,  YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANYWHERE QUICKER YOU BLOODY IDIOT.

4. Money –

HA. I moved out of my parents’ home almost a year ago now and it has been tough. Don’t get me wrong, my partner and I have had so much help from our parents, but life can be seriously hard. I know I sound like a classic ‘first world problems’ complainer, and many have it much worse, but it can be just plain sad when you’re sitting on the sofa watching Emmerdale and realise you forgot to pay the water bill 5 days ago and have exactly £0.36 in your bank.

5. Extremists (and those who blame it on religion) – 

Nothing bloody grates my goat more than when the world has suffered another horrific terrorist attack, and I see statuses like, ‘SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY, F*CKING MUSLIMS’. I can’t even begin to talk about how/why that is so wrong. But what I will begin with, is what a stupid twat you are. Don’t breed, please. Quite frankly, you make me want to be a little bit sick.

6. When things don’t go my way – 

No, I don’t mean because I am a spoilt princess and I want to be worshipped (although I wouldn’t complain), I mean the small things like when you’re trying to cook dinner and; the pan boils over with water, you can’t find the vegetable peeler, the chopped onion falls on the floor and your boyfriend asks you to get him a drink.
How does no strike you, darling?
I feel like sometimes these situations make me so irrationally angry that I might have an actual problem. If I’m already in a shit mood I WILL throw the pasta in the sink, go upstairs and sulk for 3 hours until I’m offered takeaway.

7. Friends that get into a relationship and forget you exist – 

I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at one point or another, but how f*cking annoying is it when you’re friends with someone for years, they find a partner, and all of a sudden you’re a stranger? You help them through everything, and yet after meeting a boy they are obviously the reincarnation of some biblical being, and nobody matters but them. What else gets me is when they are a month into the relationship and tell you how they love you equally etc. No babe, I’ve been your best friend for 6 years, I may be slightly more important, OK. I am the alpha and I WILL fight him.

8. Reality TV – 

Not all of them are total shite, some can be entertaining. I don’t mind the odd bit of Big Brother, and although I haven’t dabbled in it – I hear Love Island is pretty good. I’m on about the ‘housewives’ and ‘shores’ programmes. Basically the stuff you get on 4music at 3am on a Tuesday. Absolute pointless rubbish. How do they live like royalty off money from these TV shows and I can’t afford my effing rent?!

9. Fishing for compliments – 

“I might delete this pic later bcus I look so bad lol, but thought it was funny haha.”
     – “Aw babe you look stunning!”
     – “Jealous, wish I was you, hun!”
     – “Thanks girls but I’m so ugly haha, you too are gorg!!!”

10. Plus size clothes – 

As a larger girl it is almost impossible to find clothes that look nice and feel comfortable. Generally you can’t pop into town and find an outfit..it has to be found online 3 weeks earlier to check they all fit, and costs half your bloody wages. Yes, I’m aware I could try and lose weight, but realistically if you’re over a 12/14 you can’t just go out and wear whatever you want. You will pay more and blimey – will it be stressful!

11. Sunday opening hours – 

Guys, we’re in 2017. I understand it may be a slight relief to those who work in retail having an early finish, but actually the workers are probably still in restocking and cleaning anyway. It’s such an old fashioned law that shops should shut at midnight on Saturday, and then only open for a few hours on a Sunday. What am I supposed to do if I need an emergency snack trip at 10pm, hm?!

 — I am so riled up after writing all this, and it’s a Sunday evening, so I can’t even go get some bloody comfort food. My points made exactly. — 


2 thoughts on “11 things that piss me off..

  1. Interesting read. It does seem like you’ve copypasted every Tumblr “my pet hates” blogpost exactly as they are written. But interesting all the same.


    • I can promise you it is all my own opinions and not one tumblr post was even read during the writing of this. If you check my last couple posts, i’m sure you can see it’s my same style of writing. Thank you for reading 🙂


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